Summer Luvin’ Recipes

We’ve shared a few special evenings this summer with Open House and Pop-Up Yoga events at The Home Retreat Studio and because of you, my heart is full!  For all…

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Salad Season & Re-emerging

Since summer solstice and the quiet explosion into July, I’m definitely feeling the buzzy energy of summer, big time! I don’t know about you, but transitioning to summer after a…

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Meditation isn’t relaxing

Meditation not relaxing? Hang on, what?!  Then, what’s the point of meditation you ask,  if not to relax and calm the “F” down?! YES, we want to relax and calm…

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Heart Words

women doing yoga in the shape of a heart

Upon this writing, the first full week of 2021 as been well, an explosive entrance to the new year! In classes, we’ve been focusing on releasing to receive, emotional balance,…

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Surviving Breast Cancer


This blog post is a little different. In it, I share my 7 journal entries with my greater community over the course of 4 months. While this is my unedited,…

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Let’s Eat Beets!

  Energy boosting, anti-inflammatory, heart healthy, detoxifying Beets! Try this cooling, no-fuss summer salad. It’s perfect for an earthy, grounding meal or snack to calm the fiery energy of summer.…

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A sanctuary in the city !

The Home Retreat Studio It’s time to come home to you The Home Retreat Studio is my dream manifest- a private yoga studio, healing oasis and welcome retreat in the…

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Tulip Season’s Quiet Wanderings

tulip heart

I’m in deep appreciation for the beautiful weather and riot of tulips & cherry blossoms dominating neighborhood gardens and meridians all over Seattle at the moment. And oh my, we…

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Quarantine Time

Rising up out of the confusion and fear around this pandemic can definitely be a struggle, but ultimately, it’s a choice. We can choose to feed fear, or feed peace.…

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Thieves Oil

Jenny’s Theives Oil

🔎What’s the deal with Thieves Oil ? 🔍        What is it, why do I make and sell it, and why is it worth using?  Thieves Oil, sometimes…

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