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where the practices of yoga meet personal life coaching 

Your One Great Life.....

 Tired of life happening to you instead of for you?

 Feeling disconnected from your personal power?

 Unsure what a truly abundant life means for you?

I know you because I've been you...

You're tired of guessing what's the right next step. 

Your personal wellness regime is depleted or outdated.

You crave a deeper connection to your purpose.



How I help

I offer non-judgemental, compassionate space to cultivate your personal growth & I assure you'll feel safe, seen and heard in every session together.

Resourced by my diverse menu of options for overcoming any current or deep seeded difficulty, we'll co-craft your life's recipe for living in alignment with your values & purpose.

With clarity and focus we:

  • discover your long/short term goals
  • agree on strategies/accountability
  • put those strategies into practice
  • get RESULTS

I know I can help you because I've coached myself into living my best life. For reals!

Let's get moving-I'm rooting for you!

How you can coach with me

I offer both Group Coaching and One-to-one Private Coaching. For Group Coaching package, check out The Self Care Accountability Club or the Chaos to Calm Course. If you'd prefer one-to-one life coaching, I have several packages you can choose from. Learn more and discover your ideal coaching package by booking a complimentary 30 min video call or in-person chat.


take care

A Monthly Group Coaching Club for Self Care Support

 Joining this monthly self-care accountability group will help motivate you to re-imagine what self-care means to you, how to create a plan that works for your life, how to sustain it and be fully supported along your journey.



A transformative 12 month Mentorship Program

If 2020 drained you & 2021 has you feeling depleted, burned out and fed UP! Then you need this transformative self healing group coaching & yoga course to take your power back, awaken your spirit and truly change your life! To learn if this course is right for you, click here and take the wellness quiz 


Want to take better care of yourself but you're not sure where to begin?

I feel you!

And I've got a surefire way to get you back on track in no time with my simple 5 Pillars of Self-Care Model.

You'll feel more energized, motivated and inspired to weave new rituals and practical wellness techniques seamlessly into your everyday.

Package cost: $750

The perfect way to dive into your personal wellness journey and stay accountable to your intentions, commitments and goals.

With the guidance of this package, you'll stop breaking promises to yourself because you'll be motivated and inspired to show up for yourself every day!

This is for women who want:

  • to transition out of survival mode into thrive mode
  • to create a spiritual practice & self care rituals
  • to increase & sustain self love & self-empowerment
  • or to continue the work of my 6wk coaching packages

What you get:

  • A plan and a purpose
  • Two 60 min coaching sessions per month for 6 mos OR 1 session a week for 3 mos
  • Weekly text/email guidance, reminders, motivation
  • Accountability
  • A deeper understanding & appreciation of yourself
  • Purpose, clarity & inner strength

Package cost: $1,500

Guru You! 6 week Spiritual Coaching Package to uplevel your spiritual & emotional fitness. A guru is a teacher, and you are your most wise and best teacher when attuned to your highest self. Using meditation as our foundation, you'll learn to incorporate mantra & learn how yoga's spiritual practices can help you tune into your innate wellspring of emotional freedom.

This package will help you feel more at peace more often, increase joy, and finally feel at home in your body.


Dive in and ignite your inner guru!

Package cost: $675

Prana is your life-force energy & this package is for you if you feel chronically depleted, want to vibrate at a higher frequency, get better sleep and feel more consistently calm.

Pranayama (breath extension techniques) is arguably the most important branch of the 8 Limbs of Yoga and learning specific breath practices can end or ease:

  • upper back/neck tension & headaches
  • tight shoulders & hips
  • nervous or knotted belly
  • self-conflict, fear & anxiety
  • disordered sleep
  • chronic stress
  • overwhelm & the overbusy mind

Uplevel your physical and emotional health and become a Prana Pro!

You'll receive recorded breathing practices to do anytime, and a suggested morning or evening pranayama practice for consistency and sustained results.

Package cost: $500

Prepare to be amazed at your abundant well of strength and balance and at how amazing you can feel in your body after just 8 weeks. Benefits include but are not limited to: improved strength, stamina, flexibility, more energy, increased breath capacity, better sleep, more confidence, newfound centeredness, ease & inner peace.

This package is perfect for:

  • Beginner to advanced yogis
  • Pregnant or newly postpartum women
  • Couples
  • Accelerating your yoga practice
  • Maintaining strength through injury
  • Yoga for cancer

Package cost: $850


  • Tired of life happening to you instead of for you?

  • Feeling disconnected from your personal power?

  • Unsure what a truly abundant life means for you?

You're in 'the gap'. You're not where you were, and you're not where you want to be.

A one-hour session will give you the boost you need to get clear on what your next step forward will be.

With clarity and focus we:

  • discover your immediate goal
  • agree on a strategy and next step forward
  • get RESULTS

Package cost: $140

Private yoga sessions are a great way to deepen and attune your practice.

1-to-1 Private Yoga Session great for students like:

    • Pregnant and Postpartum women
    • Beginning to intermediate level students seeking to restart or refresh their yoga practice
    • Students seeking stress management & techniques for sustained calm & focus
    • Students wishing to dive deeper into the 8 limbs of yoga and yoga philosophy
    • Students wanting to master more advanced poses

Benefits of private yoga sessions:

    • combat the effects of stress and emotional imbalance with targeted practices unique to you
    • relieve back pain, headaches, neck/shoulder tension & sleep dysfunction
    • build targeted strength and flexibility
    • attune to your body's innate ability to heal

If you are interested in a series of privates, book my Yoga Strong 8 week package, or reach out and we'll craft a series that works for you!

Package cost: $115

Jess McKeown, Spirit Baby Medium 

Working with Jenny has opened me up to recognize and honor my gifts. I was so resistant when I came to her, and she held me with softness, humor, and curiosity, gently guiding me to see in myself what she already saw. I am forever grateful for my coaching sessions with her as they have helped me step more fully into the amazing person that I am. If something is holding you back in life, Jenny will find it and help you toss it into the wind, allowing you to let go and find freedom in yourself once again.

Anne T.

My overall sense of wellbeing has greatly increased since I started coaching with Jenny

Amy C.

Doing soul-work with Jenny, I'm reminded that I already have it all within me. I learn to slow down and do some very important self care, which is just so valuable.

Lucy S.

I have made huge breakthroughs in my life since working with Jenny. I'm less reactive and more patient with myself and others.

Lara S.

I love how Jenny is teaching me to focus on and appreciate my small successes, much like tending to tinder is necessary for building a roaring fire.

From striving to thriving... Book a session right here!