Yoga Life Coaching with

Jenny Rhodes

Master your Morning

Wanna know how to get OUT of overwhelm & IN to balance?

It starts with a plan to Master your Morning!

Try this super simple routine to experience a shift in your overall sense of wellbeing, because how you start your day matters!

Find Your Zen Again

Feel vibrant and at home in your body, move through obstacles with ease, clarify your goals, & discover the sustained positivity, and joy you deserve!

Ready to connect with the best version of you?


Home Retreat Studio

The Home Retreat Studio is my dream manifest: a private yoga studio, healing oasis and welcome retreat in the city.

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My teaching blends traditional yogic philosophy and postures in a fun, practical, modern approach.

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Ready to grow the life you'll love? Let me help you clarify your goals, transform your mental state & inspire you into action. 

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Find sanctuary in uniquely crafted retreats that relax and renew. Gift yourself the healing of nature's peace.

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Hi there, I'm Jenny...

and I teach, coach and practice yoga because it can transform your life in a way that ripples out to benefit all those around you.

We all deserve to thrive and live wholehearted lives we love!

I'll help you:

  • Relax your mind and body

    I teach creative, traditional yoga at your own pace so you feel more calm and balanced on and off the mat.

  • Increase your clarity and focus

    Trust your ability to move out of your head & into your heart, staying centered through life's ups and downs.

  • Connect to your community & yourself

    I commit to offering an opportunity for deep, meaningful connection to yourself and the communities we co-create.


Book a Complimentary
Self Empowerment Session

A 30-min consult to:

  • Motivate you to ignite your life's purpose & plan
  • Clarify what's blocking your path, and
  • Spark Inspiration for all that is possible in your life!

And whether or not we determine I'm the right match for your coaching needs, I'll help illuminate your next step forward, so you come away from our session knowing that everything is totally possible.

Maria W.

Your super powers are making everyone feel at ease. You also carry this incredible balance of light and positivity in a way that is not bullshit or all unicorns and kitties.

Amy M.

Jenny is a beautiful, calming energy. I highly recommend you join her to re-center, re-align and grow in mind, body and spirit.

Nancy W.

I feel strong and centered after class with Jenny and the breathing techniques especially help before bed and when sitting in our awful traffic! 

Lara S.

Jenny is this bright light that coaxes honesty when I'd rather hide, and she gently but masterfully pushes me to reach for more.

Ready to Feel Amazing?

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Yoga at the Wall Workshop

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Summer Solstice Evening

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Yoga at the Wall Workshop

YOGA AT THE WALL   Saturday, Sept 11, 2022 3-5pm   Refine your alignment while discovering your strengths & weaknesses in...

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