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I offer a variety of yoga & coaching workshops throughout the year to expand your practice beyond my in-class offerings.

Workshops are a fantastic way to learn more about ourselves and how we may evolve and move through the world with more balance and grace.

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Nancy W.

I feel strong and centered after class with Jenny and the breathing techniques especially help before bed and when sitting in our awful traffic!

Carol S.

You make everyone feel welcome. You are a wonderful teacher and guide.


Jenny has a gentle, kind-hearted style of teaching yoga. She is incredibly knowledgeable and yet holds that knowledge with lightness.


Jenny's teaching style, pace and expertise is effective in helping me exceed my goals.

Lara S.

Jenny is this bright light that coaxes honesty when I'd rather hide, and she gently but masterfully pushes me to reach for more.

I love your Deep Dive workshops and love your food!


Deep Dives with Lunch

Connect and share a meal in community with other yogis.

Have you ever left a yoga class feeling like you weren't ready to go yet-like there was more you wanted to dive into?

Maybe you had a desire to spend more time with your fellow students or  teacher?

If yes, then you are in for a treat with seasonal Deep Dive two hour classes which include a scrumptious homemade lunch crafted with fresh organic ingredients and made with love by me.

These uniquely special classes are intended to honor the season through deep intention and artfully sequenced flow yoga, infused with chanting, guided meditation and breath work.


Iris M.

I love the lunch practices you do - such a beautiful and generous way to foster community and connection.

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