Contentment & Acceptance

Flowers over river

Santosha, the second of the 5 Niyamas, or personal practices in the Yoga Sutras, means complete acceptance or contentment. Contentment and acceptance when the world is torn apart by divisiveness, fear and suffering? Really?! Believe me, I’m disappointed, disheartened and angry about the current social climate, policies and narrative in this country on the daily.…

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Clean & Clear

Artistic Lilacs in Vase

Did you have an opportunity to ‘spring clean’ yet? Have the warmer sunny days left you feeling scattered or mind-cluttered? Do you feel stuck in a loop or unable to shift emotional or physical stagnation or blockages? Whether or not this seems true for you, June is an ideal month to explore what it would…

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Recipes to share from Spring Renewal Deep Dive with lunch

jenny rhodes deep dives yoga with lunch

What a fantastic group of yogis at today’s Deep Dive with lunch-thank you for joining me at Aditi Studio! Today, we made room for energy to flow and move through us, shifting or even composting stagnant energy, loosening  blockages in both the physical and emotional bodies. We talked about how the transition to Spring can…

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Living in Integrity

forest go for yoga retreats

    “The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.” Albert Einstein I love this quote because it speaks to an inner alignment that’s deeply felt when…

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What’s a yoga teacher to do?!

Jenny Rhodes with cherry blossom

Winter can feel isolating at times and somewhat lonely as we retreat indoors and stay cozy. While it can already certainly be a challenge not to go dark, hide under the clouds and let the grey skies begin to match our mood, we do experience plenty of bright moments and positive days as well. (…

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Life begins and ends with the breath

Yoga teaches us that our vital life force energy, or ‘Prana’ travels on the breath. It’s the vehicle by which we nourish, and sustain our optimal health; so naturally, our breath’s desire is to reach every cell in our body with each new breath so that we may be filled up with this vitality all…

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