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Together let's breathe, move and transform

How I teach:

I teach from a place of genuine love for what yoga teaches me every day.

In my classes, I share what has helped and continues to help me move through the world with resilience and an open heart.  I offer gems of wisdom from the classical ancient yoga teachings, weaving yoga philosophy into classes in a way that is practical and applicable to our lives.

Expect a steady focus on the breath and alignment, while building strength and flexibility safely and at your own pace.

You’ll leave class calmer and able to stay grounded as you go forth into your busy life.

jenny rhodes doing yoga pose

Erin B.

Jenny’s kind spirit and deep compassion infuse her teaching. She focuses on both the physical & spiritual aspects of yoga and I love my time in her classes. I’ve been able to sustain an ongoing practice for the first time ever with her guidance.


a class of yoga students doing yoga

If you’re seeking a yoga class that’s not heated by a heater, but by the warmth of the people who attend, then welcome! You’ve found your community.

My public yoga classes in North Seattle offer meditation, breathwork, and yoga philosophy; weaving a balance of alignment, fluidity, strength, and grace into every class.

I promise you will build body awareness, become stronger and more flexible, enhance presence, self-acceptance and refine the art of awareness.

Private Instruction: One To One

woman stretching in a yoga class

Did you know your posture could be affecting your overall health by preventing you from breathing properly?

Let me help you combat back pain, headaches, neck/shoulder tension with simple breathing and yoga practices created to target your innate ability to heal these common ailments.

Allow me to guide you into a mindfulness practice that leads you on your way to cultivating the calm, stillness and connection you’re seeking.

Class Descriptions

Slow Flow Yoga

Flow or Vinyasa is a style of yoga that unites breath with movement, linking poses together with the breath.

My slow flow classes are paced to invite a mindful awareness of the transitions from one pose to the next.

Expect to build strength through standing poses, sun salutations, lunges, inversions & opportunities to challenge yourself if you choose.

Strong focus on breathing as we link movements in sync with the breath, helps keep you focused and initiating your movements from within.

I encourage students to work with an appreciation for the body they’re in today, which might feel different that than the last time they stepped onto the mat.

A peaceful savasana at the end is always on the menu.

Deep Dives

Deep Dives are extended, 90-minute slow flow yoga classes that are uniquely themed and attuned to the season; inviting you to explore deepening your yoga practice and connecting to community.

Pranayama, guided meditation, chanting, and intention setting create a truly individual and felt experience for students age 16 and up.

Community is what makes these classes so, so special! I lovingly prepare a nutritious, scrumptious, vegetarian lunch that we enjoy together after our deep work.

It’s lovely to share a meal in community, connecting with friends, neighbors & familiar faces.

Prenatal Yoga

My prenatal classes serve to grow and nurture a community of wise pregnant women in the early to late stages of pregnancy.

I craft specially designed yoga sequences designed to build strength, flexibility, and stamina for birth and beyond; and teach body awareness, empowerment, strengthening, lengthening, connecting to your baby, and listening to your inner-wisdom.

My classes include breath-work and guided meditation to help reduce anxiety and fear and to facilitate a more easeful labor.

Postnatal Yoga

Postnatal Yoga is for new moms, partners, and babies up to the crawler stage.

Continuing to build upon, or create anew, a caring, supportive, non-judgemental community of folks supporting one other through shared wisdom in the postpartum year.

Specially crafted yoga sequences focus on flowing movement, breath (for overall, but especially for pelvic floor health) and special focus and awareness to building back strength from the inside out.

I focus on pelvic floor health, upper and lower back health, posture, lifting, carrying and feeding tips, self-empowerment, self-care, and relaxation.

Family Yoga

This 45 min class is offered once a month for children ages 2-5 with their parents or primary caregivers.

Through movement, fun, and music we follow bendy doll, Tatty Bumpkin on adventures through space, jungle, island or farm, meeting fun animals along the way.

I bring loads of props, energy, and encouragement to class and through our adventure, children learn body awareness, breath, strength, and stillness.

This class is fun for all!

Beginners Series

My 4-week beginner yoga series is an excellent way to learn the basics of yoga or to come back to the basics and re-learn what you may not have known, to begin with. (Sounds like the mad hatter said that!)

My approach is casual, fun and questions are encouraged in this well-rounded series.

Teen and Tween Series

This 8 or 10 week series for teens ages 13-17 and tweens ages 10-12 offers the gifts of mindfulness, breathing, and movement to young people in a fun, casual open atmosphere.

My aim is to put kids at ease and help them find their inner strengths through the practice.

Teens have told me again and again how much yoga has helped them manage their stress in more healthy ways.

Starting this practice early, I hope to help kids grow into resilient, joyful adults.

Ready to feel amazing?

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