My Journey

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My Journey

We all have those pivotal moments where we know something in our life needs to change. For me, it was evident about 15 years ago when I realized I was terrified to admit to myself, let alone anyone else, that something deep within was lacking.

I felt stuck, unhappy & unfulfilled and was hiding in shame around all of it, because, I thought, "how could that be?"

I'm a shiny, positive person, with so much to be grateful for, raising 2 beautiful babies, living an adventurous life abroad-so what was my problem?!

I felt ashamed I couldn't tap into the goodness I'd grown all around me and on my yoga mat and it felt like a big, messy secret. To let go and admit real difficulty that was so hard to pinpoint, made me confused and afraid I'd lose everything related to my safety & security. I was scared at the idea of tackling the vulnerable work of digging into why true, long-lasting happiness felt elusive to me.

I wanted to feel inspired & less restricted. I desired more space in my head for my brain to relax and let go of the petty stuff. I wanted more patience with my children, my husband and the world at large. I desired a deeper sense of self-worth & to know how to tap into my innate ability to emotionally heal and transform my life into one with more purpose. I wanted joy to express herself more often and stick around!


Finding the answers

That's when I got to work. I asked for help from every expert, best friend, husband, healer, counselor and coach. I wanted to know what I could do to feel more connected to my inner strength, light, self-worth and confidence. And I sought answers for how to tap the deep well of joy I knew was awaiting its re-emergence once again.

I don't have all the answers but over the years I've learned practices and rituals that really do work to keep me in sustained groundedness, calm, joy, hope & inspiration.

I've learned that running toward my vulnerabilities is exactly what keeps me open to this wholehearted life journey I'm fortunate enough to be on.

It's huge for me to dream big and set lofty goals without fear of failure, but I can do that now!

Heck, I even manifested my dream of a yoga oasis in my backyard! (Home Retreat)

Our unique path continues to evolve when we stay curious and open to the rich tapestry of this truly meaningful life, and......

Real change happens when we're brave enough to ask for guidance