The Art of Equanimity

 Equanimity means to have a balanced mind

It’s the ability to look at any situation, whether good or bad and not get overly disturbed, disrupted or thrown off course by it. 

Can we find the ease in the effort?

The fact is that life happens on life’s terms and we cannot always foresee what may arise, but equanimity helps us recognize that it is what it is, and it is temporary.


Equanimity isn’t about not feeling our feelings

Rather, it asks us to:

  • notice how we feel
  • allow yourself to feel it
  • respond to the feeling where needed
  • stay centered throughout the process
  • then let it go


When cultivated, equanimity manifests in 3 primary ways:

  • Provides Constancy across inconsistent events
  • Helps you Respond to challenging situations without rocking you off your foundation
  • Allows you to Let Go more easefully (of pain, control, the past/future, the need to be right, etc..) 


The positive results of practicing the art of equanimity are many! 

    • Emotional freedom -to recognize & feel your emotions while not allowing them to pull you off center & keep you stuck in suffering
    • Contentment despite feeling a difficult emotion or experiencing a challenging situation. The ability to hold both truths: the like/dislike, the light/dark and be okay with what is
    • Gratitude for the simplest of moments and in spite of your or others’ suffering. 
    • Empathetic joy– A greater capacity to feel happy for others and share their successes
    • Presence, Awareness & Curiosity- Being more mindful of what is and staying with it in the moment, however painful, and asking what it’s here to teach you 


It’s okay to not be okay with your past. It’s okay to not be okay with what’s currently in front of you or on the road ahead.

But can you accept it for what it is and not let it crush your spirit, or hijack your happiness or undermine your personal power?

YES you can! Trust yourself.

Are you going to explode in anger sometimes? Yes! Will you cry your eyes out in despair sometimes? Yes!

Are you human? YES!  The point is NOT to not feel our emotions. We need to feel and express real emotion as it arises.

Equanimity is an invitation to maintain balance—to seek calm in the chaos and steadiness in the storms, so we don’t hold ourselves in states of suffering for longer than we need to.

Keep it going with this May’s Immersion….

Retreat Series 2022

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