Home Retreat 

It’s time to come home to you

There’s no denying, 2020 has been rough!  One of the many, many ways our lives have changed over the past 5 months has been the inability to plan much into the future, especially travel. Like you, I’ve had to cancel travel plans, including my much anticipated Hawaii yoga retreat this April  😞 Staying home, mask wearing, physical distancing, all this is getting us down and deeply longing for something new. Well….look no further than the Greenwood neighborhood for an intimate retreat feeling and a private, secluded  home away from home.

Home Retreat is ready to welcome you this Fall!

A new private yoga studio, healing oasis and welcome retreat in the city. An inviting gathering place to foster self-study & spiritual growth through yoga classes, workshops, private & group coaching, courses and homemade nourishment.

This is my dream manifest, of a space dedicated to gathering together in all the warmth of home, the freedom of indoor/outdoor living and the deeply nourishing feel of being on retreat. (all in my backyard!)

The studio is a light-filled, well ventilated space equipped with a bathroom, heated cork floors, yoga blocks, blankets & bolsters, a meditation loft, mini borrowing library and a yoga swing!  The backyard flow boasts a cedar soaking tub, cooking & dining area,  fire pit and plenty of space to hang out and relax.

Home Retreat is just as it sounds; like a warm, welcoming embrace where you come as you are, without pretense or needing to be anything other than your whole, beautifully imperfect human self . The space and offerings invite you to relax, breathe and cultivate your personal growth & liberation, life purpose, sustainable rituals, soulwork & community connection.

What happens at Home Retreat?

Year-round yoga classes,  private coaching and yoga sessions, group coaching, courses, and weekend retreats! There’s plenty of space to hang out and gather, connect with friends, cultivate community, enjoy a meal, cook outside together, or take a warm plunge in the cedar soaking tub.

🌿Become a member by joining the Autumnal Yoga Series beginning Oct 14. Choose between Wed evening or Friday morning classes (3 month seasonal membership, 10 classes) Click here to join 

Members receive 10%off all other offerings at Home Retreat

🌿Fall Programing begins Oct 10 with a 4 week Pranayama & Meditation Series

Save your spot for Attune to Autumn Deep Dive with lunch Oct 25

* Space is limited and we’ll be taking all covid precautions at Home Retreat *

Can’t wait to welcome you 🌿And I’ll continue posting pictures of  the construction progress on my FB biz page: @AlignedYogaSeattle and on Instagram: @jennyalignedyoga (links below)



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