You matter and your morning matters too.

The first hour of your day determines how the remaining 23 hours unfold. I cherish my morning ritual because it keeps me more emotionally flexible, clear headed, present and more positive & kind throughout the day.

What are your mornings like? Could they use a little more calm and less chaos?

If you wake up and hit the ground running, diving into email, news or social media, kid duties, hopping on work calls, or rushing through the morning’s tasks to get out the door-is it serving you? If the effects of your morning routine feel stressed or uninspiring, or you find yourself on a short fuse or a resentful slow simmer throughout the day, it’s definitely time for a re-set.

Here’s an idea:

What if you woke up even just 15 mins before you really ‘need’ to, and you set aside that time just for you?

I guarantee it will transform the course of your day.

The thing is, when you begin your day facing inward, you land in the ‘being’ state, that place where you’re reminded who you are, your essence, true self…you get the idea.  And really, you have the rest of your day to face outward and “do” all the things because you’re good at that, we’re all good at that because that’s what’s rewarded most in our culture, and it’s what happens to pay the bills!  There’s nothing wrong with being productive and doing good work. But if it all comes at a cost of turbulence & drama in your life,  frenetic, anxious or stressed energy most of the time, or if you have the sense that life is simply happening TO you instead of FOR you, then I’d ask: why not master your morning? What’s there to lose (except maybe 15 mins extra sleep)!

Here are just a few things you could try: (but not all at once!) Start with 1 or 2, and build up to a practice that feeds your soul and inspires you every morning, same time, same place. Then begin to stretch it out to 30 mins, then maybe even an hour. You may have to go to bed earlier, but it’s worth it.

  • roll out a mat and stretch or stretch in bed
  • write your thoughts, dreams and musings in a journal
  • read a poem or inspirational reading
  • silent meditation
  • listen to a guided visualization
  • breathing (pranayama) practice
  • make a quiet ritual out of your morning coffee or tea drinking
  • gratitude practice or prayer
  • grounding practice
  • pull an oracle card
  • chant mantra or an affirmation
  • fix your gaze on a candle flame or incense
  • list your intentions for the day
  • mindfully wash your face and teeth

There are so many ways to center and tune into yourself before you step out into the world; find one that works for you and feeds your spirit. When you master your morning, your life ceases happening TO you it begins happening FOR you.

Transform your morning, transform your life!

Give it a try!

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