Goal Activation & Obstacles to Success

It’s February, friends. How are your goals for 2020 taking shape?

Are you taking moments to celebrate your accomplishments? All the little wins are worth your attention. However small, when we accomplish tasks on our to do list, or achieve an even bigger goal, the feelings are the same. We’re relieved, proud, empowered and feel we’re in the drivers seat of our life, rather than the passenger side, watching life pass us by, right? It’s powerful!

So, why do we constantly self-sabotage and de-rail our successes?

Let’s face it, no matter how big or small the goal, or task on the to do list, executing just isn’t that simple all the time. There’s so much we use to distract ourselves from getting it done and/or working towards it (food, tv, tidying up, screen time…..),  distractions that repel us from moving forward toward our goal. So, we stay in a state of suffering, or Duhkha. 

Duhkha is the Sanskrit word for suffering and yoga teaches that while suffering’s an inevitable fact of life,  it’s an important opportunity to glean valuable information about ourselves through observing our own personal, self-imposed suffering.

Duhkha is often super comfortable because it’s the known, and we seek comfort in what we know.

So, how do we move away from our distraction, our self-sabotage and into action forward?

I’ve found the 2 most important things I can do to succeed in accomplishing my goals and move out of Duhkha, boil down to these 2 questions:

  1. What are my beliefs about this goal?
  2. What is the first step I will take toward it?

Here’s a real life example: I’ve been putting off doing my taxes for WEEKS now and aside from the obvious barriers to starting this task  like; omg how boring and, I’d rather be doing literally anything else!, I realize the true barrier has to do with my beliefs about myself as it relates to this task. And my beliefs are what’s causing the suffering.

 Beliefs like: I’m not good with numbers, I don’t understand how, I’m not organized enough, my business finances are messy, I fear doing it wrong, I’m disappointed in myself for not being more on top of my biz finances, and…. giving my money to a hypocritical, unethical government that flouts the rule of law, makes me so angry. UGH!!

So much in there that no wonder I’m not completing or even starting the task at hand. Those beliefs are delusion, (a form of duhkha) and they’re the obstacles preventing me taking a first step toward the goal of tackling my taxes.

My beliefs create the thoughts that create the action of distraction.


The self coaching work I’ve done around my goal here this month has been very intentional and totally worth the effort! After the honest dissection about my beliefs, I had to get self-motivated so I could move through this.

3 simple questions asked and answered:  what, how & why…..

What’s the feeling I’m seeking about accomplishing this task? I want to feel empowered

 How will I feel this way? By learning more about my spending and earning habits and patterns.

Why is this important? It will motivate me to learn new systems and create new habits that make this yearly task less daunting now and in the future.

So, friends….

What beliefs are keeping you stuck around your goals or intentions for 2020? And how will you align with your what, how and why so you can move forward and take the first step, then the next..toward manifesting your vision and accomplishing your goal?

I’m rooting for you!!


“The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” –Rumi

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