The mistake I’ve made this Fall.

So against my better judgement, having learned many lessons about how I don’t want to feel in Sept (ie: overwhelmed, over-scheduled, agitated, erratic), and having crafted deep intentionality around each and every transition to Autumn for the past 8 years,  I decided to try boot camp for the first time. What?!  Oh. Dear. Where did this insane compulsion originate, you ask? Well, I’m 50 now and while I’m fit and healthy, I’ve been feeling the need for a new exercise routine that will one: hold me accountable and two: help me combat the inevitable ‘thickening’ path my hormones want to lead me toward. But guess what? Day 3 and it’s not working for me. The energy of a fast-paced workout in a strange rubber smelly, loud place is the opposite of the morning routine I’ve cultivated and fed my soul on for the past 8 years. What was I thinking?! Starting my day this way is simply not serving me. So, listening to the call of the season and knowing myself and how best to serve my self-care wellness needs, I will be finding a new path. Lesson learned. (heard loud and clear!)

So, as we enter Fall and come into the cooler, transformative energy of the season, what are you noticing about yourself? Are you loving the change of season or is it feeling abrupt? Has the busyness of the school start or new work schedule thrust you into Fall without a pause?
Transition is change and not all of us feel adept at change depending on when, how, or where it’s presenting itself. Caring for ourself is a practice and sometimes we get out of practice because we lose interest, get “too busy” or we self-sabotage.

Invite yourself to get still and notice what’s up for you right now. Do you need a re-newed morning ritual, a Fall cleanse, a re-prioritization of schedule or a just a nap?!
If you’ve been feeling frazzled & agitated, un-inspired & flat, anxious or even sad, you’re not alone. Some folks are more sensitive to the moving, dry, grey, irregular airy, cold qualities of Autumn. To stay balanced, creative, mentally & emotionally flexible & enjoy more restful sleep, there are things we can do to help pacify that vata energy. (which is cool, light, dry, windy, and unpredictable) Fall can be less aggravating if you fill it with warmth, internal and external nourishment, loving & supportive relationships, a sense of stability and a regular routine.

Whether you embrace Fall head-on, in all its splendor or not, we can all appreciate the season even more and stay in balance when we listen to nature’s cues and honor its changing rhythms 🍂So, wether it’s a big leap, or a slow ease that fees most right for you, we can all benefit from tuning in and attuning to Autumn.
And let’s not forget, this is the beginning of ‘sleep season’. Fewer daylight hours effect our body’s rhythms, so you may be craving more sleep and food.

Try honoring your body’s very real need to slow down and nourish by trying a few things on this list:

  • Set a regular, earlier bedtime
  • Intentionally be in less of a hurry
  • Choose slower exercise, over a fast-paced workout
  • Enjoy warmed almond milk with cinnamon & hot herbal teas
  • Wear a scarf outdoors
  • Eat warming, oily, high protein, healthy fat foods that are naturally sweet, salty and sour for a balancing effect.
  • Try a morning meditation or slow yoga practice upon waking. You only need 5 or 10 mins to set the tone of your day
  • Give yourself permission to say no, so you don’t get over-scheduled.
  • Self massage with sesame oil after bath. The oil will nourish & moisturize your skin throughout the day (or night)
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a warm cup of tea, a sofa and a loving friend
  • Some foods to have on hand for Autumn: apples, avocados prunes, limes, dates, tangerines, carrots, beets, onions, squash, chilis, miso, kidney beans, daal, nuts, brown rice, quinoa

🍁Embrace yourself as you embrace the season🍁and stay in touch…



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  1. Veronica on October 8, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Well said! Thank you for the advice!

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