What’s that mean to you? Is there resistance, hesitation? How has it felt, or would feel right now, to invite those powerful words in and give them a home in yourself?

I ask because we all have the gremlins of self-doubt, insecurities, fears and not-enough-ness,

but what matters is that we choose to accept them all as part of what makes us whole and perfectly imperfect beings.

When you play the if only & when game as a condition to radically accept yourself, then you’ll wait a lifetime, and you’ll allow your perceived shortcomings to continue to define you.

You know the if only & when game, right?

It’s the one that goes like this:

“if only i were better at_____”,  “if only i had______”, “when i get_____”, when i am ______” ……then I’ll be complete/fulfilled/content.

Essentially telling yourself that only when/if my life/body/career/relationship is a certain way, (perfect?) will I be able to fully accept my whole self.

That’s nuts, right?!

So, sometimes radical self acceptance comes naturally with age, and the accumulated wisdom of life’s experiences.

But why wait?

What are the areas of your life right now you’d like to feel more forgiving of yourself around?

Is it your living space, relationships, your body, career path, parenting?

Once you can forgive yourself for whatever you feel are your shortcomings, self compassion can begin to grow.

And when you can let that happen, you’re on the path to radical self acceptance.

Try to receive yourself with compassion, especially in the moments you’re least proud of.

You don’t have to be perfect to find radical self acceptance. Unconditional love doesn’t work like that.

You get to love and accept yourself in spite of and because of your imperfections.

The quality of attention you give yourself matters. Notice the way you speak to yourself when you make a mistake, or feel low or insecure.

If your words/thoughts/feelings are harsh, stop it! & change them right then and there!

They have no place on the path to radical self acceptance.


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