Rising up out of the confusion and fear around this pandemic can definitely be a struggle, but ultimately, it’s a choice.

We can choose to feed fear, or feed peace.

Our perspective is everything and like the lotus flower growing from the muck and mud, so does this pandemic-time possess nutrients worth cultivating. We just need to be looking for them.

Have you noticed how the birdsong seems louder, the air fresher and a newfound stillness blankets our neighborhoods? Have you noticed something new about yourself, your partner, child or neighbor?

Times of uncertainty can show us who we want to be and how we want to show up.

What are you learning about yourself? What kindnesses (in thought or deed) are you offering to yourself, your family or your community that you may not have felt compelled to share before? What revelations are revealing themselves to you?

If you feel out of control, or uneasy about uncertainty, try these tips for revealing all that you *do* have control of:

-List 5 things you are certain of right now

-Organize your books/magazines

-Tidy the junk drawer or messy closet

-Re-organize your living space. Re-locate your couch or bed

– Make a list of what is working for you right now

Tap into your inner strengths and ask:

-What do I have right now within myself I am proud of?

-What is the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?

-What do I have in abundance right now?

An exercise to move through scary emotion:

  1. Write down your scariest thought.
  2. Now write down how it makes you feel.
  3. Let yourself feel it. Be with it. Breathe with it. Let it be okay that you feel this way right now.
  4. Now change the scary thought to a more bold thought.
  5. Write down the emotion this thought causes.
  6. Let yourself feel it. Be with it and breathe it in.

Allowing yourself to feel both ways, and all the ways, can help you recognize all that you do have control over.

Give yourself permission to feel awful, worried, sad and angry too, they’re all valid & human & worth your attention. But even when the world is uncertain and changing and transforming into something unknowable, you still get to choose your thoughts about it and therefore how you’ll feel about it all. If your thoughts are causing you to stay in a state of suffering, think about how you could change even just one thought, to shift perspective and move into hope.

Stay kind to yourselves, dear ones.

No matter how physically isolated we are, we’re all living this together and there is strength in that.

Know you are resilient and loved.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this work, head to the contact page on my site and book a free consult with me, or email me below. I’d love to help you move through difficulty and come up with the life recipe that works for you right now.💚

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