Love over Fear

The power of love is immense. It is infinite and can smother fear like a ninja warrior!

I owe my generosity of spirit and ability to love with my whole heart, to the teachings of all the people who orbited around my family life, of which my parents were the anchor.

My parents are incredibly loving, generous people who consistently demonstrate and express unconditional love.  And even though Dad isn’t alive any longer, I still feel his love. Growing up, this loving environment gave me permission to express love whenever it arose and to receive love openly, without fear of judgment or rejection.

WHAT a gift!

I was 23 yrs old the first time I truly felt how love can conquer fear and smother it completely.

I was on a crowded, hot & sweaty bus traveling through Guatemala, traversing from one side of the country to the other when suddenly, I had an overwhelming sense of dread and fear. I felt something was off, that I may be in danger and that ultimately, something bad was going to happen. My mind started spinning, imagining all levels of impending danger and the fear began to overtake me.

As the unmistakable lone foreigner- a white, blonde, N. American female traveling alone through a dangerous (at the time in 1993) part of the country, my fears may not have been totally unfounded. But nonetheless, fear was literally washing over me in hot waves and I could feel its deepening escalation, which terrified me even more. It was vicious and powerful and I had to stop it, as I had no other option but to stay on the moving bus.

Instinctively I closed my eyes and started breathing. I imagined what all the love felt like and I began to fill my heart with it on each breath. I concentrated on breathing in love and breathing out love, repeating the pattern over and over, losing track of time and actively feeling my heart literally expand. More and more it continued expanding with each focused breath.

Concentrating only on love and the fullness of this unbelievably powerful emotion, I imagined it spreading it out over the entire bus. I let love begin covering everyone up on the bus like a warm, safe blanket. I continued breathing and expanding  love to every individual woman, man, child and chicken on that bus with an intensity of purpose and energy like nothing I’d ever felt before. I spread out love to everyone and everything on that bus and the more I spread,  the more love there was to spread.

I then imagined its rippling out effect beyond the bus and all the people on it and began consciously blanketing the passing villages, farms and fields with love.  It kept expanding and expanding, filling me with peace and compassion until eventually, I couldn’t stop smiling and when I opened my eyes, I knew something powerful had taken place.

The fear was completely extinguished of course, replaced by a calm, precise knowing that whatever may have been living in that fear, either real or imagined, had been released.

What I learned and felt in my heart and bones was how deeply profound the power and pleasure of love truly is.

Love is the energy of the universe and it lives in us.

We don’t have to have come from a loving home to experience the power of love. Everyone is deserving of love in whose depths know no boundaries. There is an infinite amount to go around because as my experience proved-love expands the more you feel it.

She’s a stealth ninja for GOOD.

Lean in……..and when in doubt, LOVE


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