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“The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.” Albert Einstein

I love this quote because it speaks to an inner alignment that’s deeply felt when we’re living in integrity. Staying true to our own unique set of core values, we remain in balance, unified and whole in ourselves. When our thoughts, speech and actions are not in alignment with our core values, we find imbalance and we land out of integrity with ourselves.  

If I asked what your top 3 core values are, could you name them? It’s okay if the answer is no. Maybe you’ve not given it much thought- but what if you allowed yourself a few moments to stop right now and ask the question. Take a moment to close your eyes, breathe deeply, land exactly where you are without changing anything,  and begin to consider what your top 3 (or 5 or more) core values are. If this consideration is new for you, write your values down on paper.

If you’re already clear on what what your values are, how often do you check in with them? 

When I feel out of internal alignment I try to remind myself of this practice of checking in. What are my core values, which one (s) am I not living into right now and what would it take to land back in balance and integrity with myself?

Here’s a practice you can try:

  1. Be honest about how you’re feeling.
  2. Take several slow deep breaths,with eyes closed and simply feel what you’re feeling. 
  3. Name it. Be clear on what the feeling or feelings are.
  4. Check in mentally or on paper with your core values. Name them.
  5. Find the one or more core values you’re currently out of balance with. Name it or them, speaking it out loud if you like.
  6. Now, connect to each core value you’re currently disconnected from and breath into connection with that value and the emotional stability it provides for you.
  7. Continue to do this until you feel you’ve landed back in connection with what’s of value to you.
  8. Give yourself a smile.

We can always right the ship and begin to sail smoothly once again, when we take the time for this simple practice of staying in integrity.

And remember, practice makes permanent -so the more we do it, the less laborious and more easeful it becomes.

I’ve been working toward making this check-in a regular practice to help remind me what’s important and so that I can continue to live wholeheartedly and spaciously.

My top 5 core values are: Integrity, Connection, Respect, Freedom & Unconditional Love.

What are yours? Feel free to share in the comments section below, and thanks!

Namaste Spiritual Warriors ??

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