Friends, 2020 marks the beginnings of a new decade, new dreams and exciting visions for the future. Let’s Do This!

What are you dreaming up for your Big Deal Decade? What goals are in the works? What visions are you crafting? What intentions are you inviting in and what are you letting go of? How and where might you flourish?

I’m veryveryveryveryvery excited to announce big news with you! Home Retreat is finally beginning to sprout!

What’s Home Retreat, you ask? It is my dream manifest, of a space dedicated to gathering together in light, joy and heart, with all the warmth of home, the freedom of indoor/outdoor living and the deeply nourishing feel of being on retreat. (all in my backyard!) This thriving oasis will include a welcoming, light-filled yoga studio, meditation & sleeping loft, cedar soaking tub, cooking & dining area, fire pit and an abundance of Beauty & Love!

We officially broke ground December 2019 and hope to be ready to receive visitors at Home Retreat by Summer 2020.

This has been a vision of mine for years and I’m blessed with the good fortune of an immensely supportive, loving husband as well as such love & encouragement of family, friends and all-round supportive people who’ve inspired me to dream big and make this vision a reality.

Home Retreat is just as it sounds; like a warm, welcoming embrace where you come as you are, without pretense or needing to be anything other than your whole, beautifully imperfect human self . Home Retreat is sunshine on a rainy day and a place to find contentment on your stormiest day.

What happens at Home Retreat?

Year-round yoga and cooking workshops, private life-coaching and yoga sessions, yoga classes, life-coaching workshops, my seasonal Deep Dive offerings with lunch & city retreats! So exciting!!!  There’s plenty of space to hang out and gather, connect with friends, continue cultivating our yoga community, enjoy a meal, cook outside together, or take a warm plunge in the Japanese cedar soaking tub and stay awhile.

I’ll be posting pictures of our progress on my FB biz page: @AlignedYogaSeattle and on Instagram: @jennyalignedyoga

Stay tuned IN……and share this with anyone you know who’d like to join our community of friends, yogis, teachers, retreat-lovers, eaters, seekers, healers and all who wish to continue flourishing in this, our one remarkable life!

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